Citizen Science Project

Don't under-estimate the value of your reports. Your input makes a difference!

In November 2020, Black Foxes UK became members of the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) and in August 2023, we moved our reporting system over to iRecord, allowing us to collaborate and share data with other organisations through the NBN Atlas, increasing the impact of our citizen science projects. 

We formally began assisting silver foxes and collecting reports in 2015 when such biological recording systems were not yet readily accessible, using our own closed system to collect data. After collecting reports for 8 years, we have 1000's of records of both escaped silver foxes and wild melanistic or anomalous foxes.

Our initial study (2015-2023), will be available for public viewing on ResearchGate, once published. Historical data entry onto the NBN system will occur in due course. A special thank you to all those who assisted with our initial project, we wouldn't be here without your support!

"Biological data collected and shared openly by the Network are central to the UK’s learning and understanding of its biodiversity and are critical to all decision-making about nature and the environment"