Ensuring the Welfare of Silver Foxes

The Black Foxes UK Forever Foxy Campaign began as a means to assist in the neutering, recapture and re-homing of silver foxes in need. Together with our community outreach and education programs, we seek to reduce the risk of escape, injury and death, whilst preventing the potential for inbreeding, exotic pet overpopulation and hybridisation .

Can You Help Us Save Silver Foxes?

What Are Silver Foxes?

The silver fox is another name for the farmed North American Red Fox (vulpes fulva). It is a divergent species of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) that has been intensively and selectively bred by the fur trade since the late 1800's. The process has resulted in over 70 different colour variations, most of which could not naturally occur in wild populations.

The farming of silver foxes began in the UK in the early 1900's and came to an end at the turn of the millennium, when fur farming was banned. Despite the ban, the sale and import of fur is still permitted in the UK and people continue to breed silver foxes to this day. However, instead of becoming pelts, they are now kept as exotic pets and educational ambassadors.

Why Is This Campaign Necessary?

  • to control inbreeding and pet overpopulation
  • to prevent the need for rescue and re-homing
  • to reduce the burden on animal welfare charities
  • to prevent and reduce the risk of escapes
  • to control the potential for silver fox naturalisation 
  • to control the potential for hybridisation
  • to generate interest in local wildlife and ecology
  • to raise awareness of fur farming ethics and welfare
  • to raise awareness of exotic pet management
  • to protect animal welfare and save lives!

How Will This Campaign Help?

The Silver fox is a domesticated non-native species but many are not aware of it's existence, let alone it's place as a commercial product within our society or as an exotic pet within our homes. At Black Foxes UK, we think this needs to change.

Our non-profit organisation aims to provide products and services that not only help improve awareness and welfare of the silver fox, but that also directly fund our campaign. With your donations included, the potential for a beneficial impact is vast! 

The funds raised will go directly towards:

  • Equipment and costs to run education and community outreach events 
  • Costs of neutering silver foxes in need
  • Costs of fostering & re-homing silver foxes
  • Equipment and resources to conduct citizen science projects
  • Equipment and costs to recapture lost exotic pets

"You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed"

In Memory of Kai

A much loved silver fox that was fatally wounded in a road traffic accident after being deliberately released from his enclosure by people who ignorantly believed his kind should be "in the wild".

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